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2024-05: ADA Signs and More Uses for Engraving Machines

2024-05: Moving and Earth as School

2024-04: Artistic Expression in Spring

2024-03: Transitions, Life Review, Stoicism, and EV Towing

2024-02: 2024-02: Love, Stoics, EVs, and AI

2024-01: Love, Democracy, and Equality

2023-12: Love, Peace, and a Vision of What’s to Come

2023-11: Earth as a Virtual Reality Game Environment

2023-10: Weather, EVs, and Earth as a Stage

2023-09: Peace, Goodwill, Tough Love, and the Holodeck

2023-08: Manifesting Vehicles and Better Times

2023-07: USA Birthday & Weather Ahead

2023-06: Fathers and the View Ahead for the USA

2023-05: Mothers, Non-Engagement, & Earth Artists

2023-04: Life Goes On, No Matter What Humans Do

2023-03: How the Roman Empire Influences Us Today

2023-01: This Too Shall Pass and All Is Energy

2022-12: Goodbye to 2022 and Forecast for 2023

2022-11: Celebrating Love, Manifesting Art

2022-10: Warning: Democracy in the USA is Under Attack

2022-09: Emergency Alert — War, Voting & Graphic Products

2022-08: Future Trends – EVs, Manifesting & the Internet

2022-07: We the People: War, Monarchy, EVs, and Love

2022-05: Pandemic, War, Electricity, and Cooperation

2022-03: We the People

2022-03: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Updated to Power Productivity

2022-02: Transportation is Going Electric

2022-01: Systems Analyst Sees Fulfillment Centers in Industry Future

2021-12: Count Your Blessings

2021-11: Linux and Unix (Android and Chrome) Will Dominate

2021-10: Predictions and Future Trends

2021-09: Resistance is Futile

2021-09: Product Focus: Holiday Showcase and Heat Graphics

2021-08: How To Create Monograms For Your Laser

2021-07: Predictions and Trends

2021-06: Have You Heard?

2021-05: Another WOW! What a Month!

2021-04: Features Highlights in CorelDRAW 2021

2021-04: Another WOW! What a month!

2021-03: Corel Launches CorelDRAW Suite for 2021

2021-03: Future Trends for Business

2021-03: Survey: COVID Changes Industry During and After

2021-02: Looking Ahead and a Restart

2021-02: Spring Apparel Fashion Trends to Watch, Wear, and Sell

2021-01: January’s Fireworks

2021-01: 6 Steps to Get You Connected with Your Customers on Instagram

2020-12: Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

2020-11: Gratitude

2020-11: 8 Unique Ways to Market Your Shop in 2021

2020-10: 5 Ways To Serve Your Customers Differently In the New Normal

2020-10: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da-Life Goes On- It’s Time to Heal!

2020-09: Economic Change is Coming … Resistance is Futile

2020-08: The 14 Colors for Fall & Winter
2020-08: Change is Constant — Resistance is Futile

2020-07: Corel Announces New Surveys & Artwork Callout
2020-07: The Evolving New Normal Continued

2020-06: The Economic Impact of COVID-19

2020-05: Staying Current with CorelDRAW Has Never Been Easier
2020-05: View from the Bridge: The Evolving New Normal

2020-04 View from the Bridge: Report from Camp COVID, Barracks #19
2020-04 Corel expands offering for enthusiasts and home businesses

2020-03 Coronavirus: March 1: The Day the Universe Changed 2020-03 Corel Releases CDR 2020

2020-02 View Manager Docker

2020-01 Introduction to Dockers
2020-01 Insert Character Docker

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