2021-04: Feature Highlights in CorelDRAW 2021

The new version of CorelDRAW has added many new features that make your work easier and more powerful. Here is a quick summary of the new features:

Advanced Illustration
To deliver results faster, this version has added new precision layout capabilities and the cutting-edge Draw in Perspecives feature.

  • New! Perspective Drawing

This new feature, based on the principles of perspective projection, eliminates the need to first set up complex grids. It also shows you live previews as you draw, modify, or transform objects. The intuitive camera guides help you smoothly control the depth of field by showing the position of the viewer. You also have the choice of one-, two- or three-point perspective drawings. You can also lock a perspective field when working on an intricate layout.

  • Enhanced! Guidelines

Guidelines are now easier to manage so you can set up the framework for a design faster. You can also switch views from world scasle to page dimensions in a click.

  • New! Snap to self

A new setting for complex designs alows you to prevent objects  from snapping to their own snap points, so you can move and transform design elements with ease and precision.

Flexible Design Space
Speed up your design efforts with new workflows that put you in control of your pages. Corel now offers new ways to navigate and manage your projects and assets.

  • New! Multipage View.
    Allows you to manage all pages in a document simultaneously. Fixed sequence pages, like a brochure, book, or magazine, you can arrange pages in a column, row, or grid.  Custom mode lets you re-organize non-sequential pages with a simple drag-and-drop. There are also at least four ways to quickly move objects or resize.
  • New! Pages docker/inspector

This new docker lists all pages in a design so you can easily manage them or navigate them. Each page has a scalable thumbnail preview. Pages are easily reordered by dragging them in the docker. You can also add, delete, and rename pages in one spot. One click lets you switch display modes from single page to multipage view.

  • New! Multi-asset Export

This new docker allows you to create a customized list of assets to export. You can also send pages to multiple standard formats, including PDF. The same design can be exported with different settings too.

  • New! Autofit Page

With a click, you can resize a page to fit its content. You can also customize the margin. These features save you time.

Progressive Image Editing
New photo editing features can help you adjust your images in fewer steps.

  • New! Adjustments docker/inspector

With this docker, you get instant access to the most used filters. The new Local Adjustment Mode simplifies targeting a filter to a specific image area. These adjustments can be saved in a click for reuse.

  • New! Replace Colors

The Replace Colors filter has been rebuilt from the ground up. Improved color pickers and eyedropper tools allow for more precise editing. A new interactive control makes fine-tuning hue and saturation ranges more intuitive. Corel PHOTO-PAINT has added a slider to ensure smoother color transitions between selected and unselected  pixels.

  • New! HEIF Support

Smartphone photos can now be used with support for High Efficiency Image Files (HEIF).

Next-Generation Collaboration
The newly enhanced CorelDRAW.app makes it possible to work with clients and colleagues in real time. There is also support for Microsoft Teams.

  • New! Live comments

This new feature lets everyone on a project work in real time. Stakeholders can comment on and annotate a document in CorelDRAW.app with all feedback instantly appearing in the working file.

  • New! Dashboard

A new dashboard in both CDR 2021 and the CorelDRAW.app acts as a collaboration hub. It contains all the design files in the cloud, and with a click, displays a preview, comments and team members, and project status.  You can also share designs from CorelDRAW 2021 withou having to open each file.

  • New! CorelDRAW.app for Microsoft Teams

You can view and edit your CorelDRAW design files in Microsoft Teams, and collaborate inside your Team channels.

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