2023-11: Earth As A Virtual Reality Game Environment

by Santa John McDaniel  

The View from the Bridge is an OPINION PIECE which explores how political, societal, and other changes may impact the future. 

   Thanksgiving – how was your thanksgiving? Did you get stuffed? Had to sleep it off, eh? 

Or were you among the lucky ones who “Allowed the Horse (pilot) to pull the sleigh (airplane) to Grandma’s house (city), because it knows the way”?  With Thanksgiving in the rear-view-mirror, let’s focus on “the real reason for the season” — manifesting gifts!  

    Have you seen the latest developments in virtual reality goggles? Some now come with gloves you can wear that will give you tactile sensations that go along with what you’re viewing through the goggles. 

Perhaps at some time we will have virtual reality body suits that you can wear to enter an online game and feel like you were really there, lost in all the action. Just think how much fun that would be! 

     Tap-tap, wake up. W. Shakespeare pointed out many years ago that Earth is simply a stage we are born onto and eventually leave when our bodysuit wears out, most likely from years of use and abuse. If Billy boy is correct (and he is), the Earth is a virtual reality game environment, and our bodies are custom diving suits that allow us to play in this realm. 

     I’ve been receiving messages from some Earth-players. They are ready to move on to the next level. We’re currently stuck at level 3D. We are tired of war and physical conflict. We’re ready to move on to the 4th and 5th dimensions. I don’t know what that is; all I know is I want it! It’s a more loving environment. 

     Now that doesn’t mean checking out. Focus on the future. Imagine a World at peace. Together we can make it happen and help others realize what’s coming. And finally, don’t drop out, participate; make sure to vote your conscience. 

    One final point as we head into the Christmas season. Ignore the political noise in the news. The adults have arrived at the nursery and are handling the whiners. Enjoy the holiday season. 

In Short 

    Thank you for your attention. Keep in mind that we don’t know what we don’t know. So, don’t take our word for it. Meditate and find what is right for you. 

     For 2023 and beyond, we pray for peace. 

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we will know peace. 

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