2023-10: Weather, EVs, and Earth as a Stage

Santa-John’s View from the Bridge – October 2023
by Santa-John McDaniel

The View from the Bridge is an opinion piece which explores how political, societal, and other changes may impact the future.

Manifesting the Future:

As we mentioned last time, “Christmas IS The Reason for the Season” that we are entering. So, for SJ, it’s the prayer:

“I request the most benevolent outcome for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All, growing Worldwide this Christmas season and beyond! Thank You”

OK, so much for Mr. Nice Guy! When we ask the question of the Universe, “What’s taking so long to clean things up?” We get the answer:

“TOUGH LOVE being demonstrated for All to See. Keep in mind, if you are on Earth, you are in a school play. Universe Out.”

The Forward View from the Bridge:

Please keep in mind that what is expressed below is a compilation of inputs from various sources and are presented for your consideration.

What is Seen Ahead for the USA:

Weather – More severe weather coming worldwide. Keep alert to your local weather and stay prepared. Some say, “Hide from wind, and Run from fire and water!”. We recommend checking out some of the excellent weather forecasters on the web in addition to your local news and weather info sources.

Mayan Calendar

Long Range Weather Outlook – Sunny and Warm – Mankind’s use of fossil fuels over the last few centuries may have prevented the global ice age predicted by the Mayan Calendar.  Actually, many scholars think the Mayan Calendar is a record of our Sun’s year. In other words, Mother Earth’s orbit around the Sun is an Earth Year and the Sun’s orbit throughout the Milky-way galaxy is a Sun Year.

That said, the free world is moving to electric. (1) The US infrastructure package includes electric vehicle charging stations. Implementation starting in 2024. (2) California, the US car-market dictator, has passed a requirement that all new automobiles offered for sale in California in 2025 must be electric. Other states may follow suit. (3) The Biden administration will be offering a credit for EVs made in the USA.

But that’s not the clincher! Once most people have driven and become comfortable with an electric vehicle, they won’t ever want to go back. Goodbye oil changes, tune ups, transmissions, rear-ends, etc., etc. And lastly, no more sending my hard-earned money to some foreign dictator who uses it to suppress people.

Currently we are in the middle of our 2nd trip to visit family in Ohio. On the first trip we towed our little 5000 lb. GVW travel trailer with a 2020 Tesla Model 3. This time we are towing the same trailer with a 2001 Toyota 4Runner Unlimited. We will report our results in detail next time.

Political Opinions – we all have one, don’t we? That said, keep in mind a couple of concepts we discussed last time. (1) paraphrasing William Shakespeare; the Earth is simply a stage, and we are all performers on that stage. We are born onto the stage and leave the stage by dying. (2) What we didn’t cover last time is that most if not all psychics agree with Shakespeare. We experience life on Earth but take nothing physical with us when we leave, not even our bodies. That’s because when we return to the stage, we are reborn in new bodies once again.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

For the sake of discussion, let us assume the Shakespearean model is correct. Then, (1) everyone we see is also a player on this stage called Earth. (2) We can stop fearing death. We know that we, and our loved ones, are simply stepping off stage for a while. And (3) we can live life without the fear of death or other life-events. Caution – Yes; Fear – No!

We can adopt the attitude toward life and death expressed by Marcus Aurelius (one of the many good Roman Emperors) and other Stoics – “Death is not something to fear, avoid, lament, or hate. It is something to be accepted. It is part of the natural order of life, and a part that we must all face at some point.”

For Santa John, “My current body has served me well during this incarnation. It will return to the Earth for recycling on or before 11/9/2051. That said, my body’s Best By date passed some 50 to 60 years ago.” So, I’m looking forward to my next adventure on Earth in my continuing never-ending story, in a brand-new body!

I know all things work for the good, even though I might not see the good at the time. I also know whatever I plant in this realm I will harvest. Plant corn seeds, harvest corn. Plant fear in others, harvest fear of others. Moral – plant and harvest Love.

Another description of an Earth lifetime is that it’s like stepping onto the Holodeck of a starship as described in in the television and movie series Star Trek. We are born onto the Holodeck and exit on our avatar’s death.

Know, at your core, you are an energy being. Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. So, happy transformation all!

Next time – Be There – we will discuss our experiences driving and towing with an electric vehicle vs a gas vehicle. We are currently in Ohio visiting family. The first time was last year with a 2020 Tesla model 3. This time with a 2001 Toyota 4Runner Limited. Both times pulling the same trailer. So, electric vs gas, Next Time – Be There!

In Short

Thank you for your attention. Keep in mind that we don’t know what we don’t know. So, don’t take our word for it. Meditate and find what is right for you.

For 2023 and beyond, we pray for peace.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we will know peace.

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