2023-01: This Too Shall Pass and All Is Energy

By Santa-John McDaniel
The View from the Bridge is an
opinion piece which explores how political, societal, and other changes may impact the future.

Saying Hello to 2023.

What was that flashing by? Was it a bird, a plane, Super-Man? No, it was the month of January. Welcome to the new year. Hold on, it will be December before you know it.

Messages from the Universe (MU!):

Please remain calm during the entire 2023-32 ride. In 2032 Earth will complete its entry into the age of Aquarius.

Keep in mind for both pleasant and unpleasant experiences along the journey, “This too will pass”.

Also, know that Shakespeare’s statement “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts”, is the current reality on Earth. A reality which is in transition.

Finally, please put down your distractions (cell phones, social media, TV, etc.) for some time each day to enter the flow of the NOW. Adopt this practice and you’ll begin to remember who you are and your mission on Earth.

Don’t fret over things that happened in the past and build a mental prison for yourself. Learn from past events, then let them go. Focus on NOW forward. And please don’t fear the future. Know that the ONE Force, known by many names around the World, is Pure Love which Paul wrote about in the Christian Bible. That love is drawing us home.

Thank You! (MU!ET) End Transmission.

A Little of SJ’s life experiences.

I was told by one psychic that my last life ended at Pearl Harbor 12/7/1941. That may be possible since 9/11/1943 is my current birthday. That’s plenty of time for a costume change. Remember, “All the world’s a stage…”

For any who don’t recall the times, Pearl Harbor is the event that triggered the USA entering WWII. Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who planned the Pearl Harbor attack, later wrote in his diary, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Perhaps other dictators in this World should heed this warning. Comply! Resistance is futile! World control is moving from the rich and powerful toward We the People.

In any case, I was born at the height of WWII. My mother had been recently widowed. My biological father had passed 3 months prior to my birth. He was a time/study/budget expert, essentially a systems analyst helping the Detroit auto industry efficiently produce weapons for WWII.

His cause of death – a massive heart attack. His death was in all likelihood brought on by war and work stress and perhaps an enlarged heart. I am his only offspring and I’ve been diagnosed with an enlarged ascending aorta. My condition may be hereditary.

Currently I’m on my 80th lap around the Sun. One of the most important facts I’ve come to realize is that everything I see, feel, touch, including the body I currently use to explore the Earth dimension is energy expressed in various forms. This includes all plants, animals, animate, and inanimate objects. A reality that’s confirmed by the atomic bomb. A bomb that releases massive amounts of energy when a small amount of physical matter is transformed back into its basic energy in an instant.

Is the USA the latest version of the Roman Empire?

This discussion next time.

View from the Bridge is moving.

View from the Bridge is moving to https://www.youTube.com/@ACDRP along with many older CorelDRAW instruction videos. Many of those videos show graphic-product creation. The Newsletter will continue. We are expanding content and hope to make it easily searchable. @ACDRP is currently under construction. It’s active. You can check our progress and register for notifications of new content being added.

Saying Hello to 2023, The View Ahead.

The political circus that we’ve experienced over the last few years is packing up and leaving town. Some of the performers have been jailed already, others will join them in prison this coming year. Indictments, arrests, and trials are coming this spring (2023) along with spring’s flowers.

“We the People” control will expand throughout the World. The Russian and Iranian peoples will receive the gift of democracy. Ukrainian peoples will retain their freedom and self-determination.

Worldwide we are in a transition from authoritarian to democratic governance. Resistance is Futile.

What is your interest in the Graphic-Products Industry?

In today’s world, artwork for most graphic products begins life as computer art. Some artists create and sell computer art for use on the web. Some create and sell physical products using their artwork, think t-shirts, mugs, awards, etc. Others create graphic products as a hobby or to help organizations to which they may belong.

 Answering a couple of questions might help you evaluate your interest.

  1. Do I have any interest in creating digital art?
  2. Does my interest in digital art include producing products?
  3. Is my interest in creating personalized products for Fun or for Profit?
  4. What do I do, or does my business do? Are you an Artist or Commercial Artist?
  5. If I’m a commercial artist, who are my competitors?
  6. How do I intend to market my creations?

Manifesting – Creating – Your Future Life, Income Stream, and possibly a Business

You Have the POWER to Manifest anything! However, there are a few caveats to consider.

  • Transitioning from your current environment to the environment you are manifesting may take some time and effort. Finding a life partner, a suitable job, building a business, a home, etc., etc. will take some effort on your part.
  • Does it feel right? Take a little time to evaluate. Consider the advice of others, especially family.
  • Try before you buy, if possible. Sometimes this is possible when purchasing an existing business.
  • Don’t try to manifest the demise of a competitor. Remember, what goes around comes around.
  • Don’t get comfortable and stuck. Recognize when it is time to move on. Remember, Experience is the only thing we retain.
  • Go for it. Take to heart the lyrics of Jerry Reed’s song East Bound and Down – “We’ve got a long way to go, and a short time to get there.” Manifest your goal and go for it.
  • Seek guidance. Tom T Moore, psychic and author of The Gentle Way, suggests a prayer that we’ve found helpful – I request the most benevolent outcome for _____ (fill in the blank). Say it out loud, then release it. For us it has worked for finding a parking place, finding an affordable vehicle, finding help along the way, and many more events we’ve experienced.

We will add more next time.

In Short

Thank you for your attention. Keep in mind that we don’t know what we don’t know. So, don’t take our word for it. Meditate and find what is right for you.

For 2023 and beyond, we pray for peace.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we will know peace.

Thank you, see you next time.

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