Workhorse Products Offers Luminator Economy Exposure Unit

316Workhorse Luminator w Screen (Cut)Specially designed for the start-up shop on a budget, Workhorse Products of Phoenix, AZ, offers the Luminator expandable exposure unit. This affordable bench-top unit has high-output UV fluorescent bulbs that provide balanced light distribution throughout. It offers large screen capacity in a compact design.

This system is compatible with direct emulsion or capillary films that allow versatility in your stencil systems. It comes standard with a 16” X 20” pressure pad to ensure even contact between your film positive and your screen. It also has a digital timer.

Optional upgrades include a durable vacuum frame powered by a true vacuum pump. Gas lifters are included to provide a smooth opening and closing of the lid. This upgrade allows you to expand the Luminator into the fully functioning Lumitron. The upgradable vacuum system provides perfect contact between the film positive and the screen. This greatly enhances edge definition and half tone dot resolution.  MORE INFO