Coastal Business Supplies Offers Multifunction Mug Press

316Coastal Business BJ860 Mug PressThe BJ860 Mug Master Pro four-in-one mug press from Coastal Business Supplies of Maryland Hts., MO, lets you meet all your customers’ drinkware needs without having to invest in separate heating elements or machines. The Mug Master Pro includes four interchangeable heating elements for pressing 11- and 15-ounce mugs and steins, large and small latte mugs, and water bottles.An easy-to-read digital control unit allows you to set time and temperature with the touch of a button, making creating beautiful, quality mugs simply and economically. The 110-volt, 50 to 60-Hertz unit features a 0 to 430-degrees F temperature range and a time control range of 0 to 999 seconds. It comes with a three-month warranty.  MORE INFO