Stahls’ TV Offers Video on Selling to Small Businesses and Boutiques

There can be big profits in selling logoed apparel to small businesses and boutiques—if you know where the opportunities are and how to approach them. In this video of a recent webinar, Stahls’ TV educator Courtney Kubitza discusses the ins and outs of these unique markets and how to make them pay for your business. You’ll discover why heat printing is the ideal solution for making these low-quantity orders profitable and how to put it into action.You’ll learn about selling small businesses garments for their employees and for their customers and also about printing for boutiques, both on apparel they’re selling and on branded garments you provide. From choosing the best blanks and heat transfer styles to cost-effective purchasing to developing pricing structures that are profitable for you and the customer.

Rounding out the presentation are examples and tips for ordering, pricing and sourcing garments and demos of applications for various sales goals, providing all you need for a smart start. View “Selling Apparel to Small Businesses and Boutiques” and the accompanying blog, “6 Tips for Selling Logoed Apparel to Hospitality & Retail Stores” at MORE INFO