InkSoft Offers Shopping Cart Abandonment Blog

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A new blog from InkSoft of Albuquerque, NM, takes a look at the common phenomenon of abandoned shopping carts at online stores and what you should do to address it. You’ll learn how to minimize uncompleted transactions and use them to make your web store better, winning back sales in the process.In the blog, three key reasons why shopping carts don’t make it through checkout are discussed as well as contributing factors. Learn what elements in online store design are impacting sales completions such as store presentation, perceived trust and pricing.

Finally, the blog explains why testimonials, SSL certification, privacy, and return policies promote cart follow-through. Also included are practical suggestions on store navigation, pricing, shipping, and suggested resources.

To better your shopping to sales ratio, check out “What That Abandoned Shopping Cart Actually Means (and How to Win Back the Buyer!) at  .