InkSoft Offers Tale Of Two Shops Blog Article

Ever wonder what makes the difference between a “good” decorated apparel business and a “bad” one? Industry veteran Marshall Atkinson of InkSoft makes it clear in a new blog article.  In “Good vs. Bad: Tale of Two Shops,” he describes the contrasting approaches two shops might take in processing the same order. While the companies are fictional, the scenario and the way various situations are handled are common and based on real experiences.

From the initial customer inquiry through ordering, production and delivery, the blog highlights a right and wrong way of proceeding. You’ll see how “Kooky Fred’s Printworks” fumbles at every point while “Awesome Jack’s Screen Printing” scores by incorporating industry best practices.

Then evaluate how your shop’s procedures and processes align with these two extreme examples to see how your customer interaction measures up. Check out the blog article at