InkSoft Offers New Blog On The Advantages of Pitch Stores

One of the greatest challenges and most time-consuming activities you face as a decorator is getting customers’ attention and showing them what you offer and what you can do.

This can especially be true when you are trying to convince a potential client of the power of an online store.

With InkSoft’s Pitch Store tools, in minutes you can create a sample webstore customized with products you recommend for their needs and quickly demonstrate how easy the technology makes it for their customers to order.

In this new blog, “Pitch Stores: The Game-Changing Sales Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed,” you will learn about the advantages this sales tool offers, and how you can best employ its capabilities.

You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to create a store as well as all its functionality. This includes showing how the navigation works, how pages will appear and how easy the store is to use. It’s a virtual “show and tell” technique so clients truly understand all the features. And by customizing it with relevant garment styles and products combined with the customers’ logos or other artwork, it leaves nothing to their imagination.

Find out how you can dramatically increase your online store setups and revenue by going to InkSoft is a software company focusing on the next generation of sales and production software for decorators. It brings together sales, marketing, ordering and production management into one platform.