InkSoft Offers New Podcast On How To Grow In Today’s Environment

If you’ve been wondering what you should be doing right now to ensure the survival of your business in a post-COVID world, “Where Do We Grow From Here” is for you.

In this latest edition of the “Sell More Merch” InkSoft series, you will “meet” Justin McKibben. He is an industry consultant and director of business development at Melmarc, a vertical apparel manufacturer and high-volume screen printer based in Ontario, Calif.

This industry veteran has been involved in the decorated apparel industry for 25 years. The first 15 were spent growing up in his family’s apparel manufacturing and screen printing business (McKibben Screen Printing & Distribution). For the past 10 years, he’s been busy at Melmarc, where he contributed to increasing the company’s sales by nearly $70 million since he started there.

McKibben discusses the impact of the pandemic on businesses ranging from local print shops to larger brands and retailers and some of the adjustments he’s seen taking place. He shares his take on new and emerging trends and offers his best advice on how you should be positioning your company in the today’s challenging environment.

To listen, go to InkSoft is a software company focusing on the next generation of sales and production software for decorators. It brings together sales, marketing, ordering and production management into one platform.