Hirsch Offers Laser Preview and Bar Coding Functions for Seit Performa 500

The functionality and user friendliness of the Seit Performa 500 standalone laser, offered by Hirsch Solutions, have been enhanced with new laser preview and bar coding options, available for separate purchase.A new preview function uses a laser beam light to show the shape of the artwork to be etched. This allows the operator to locate the center of the design, correctly position the object to be etched and determine if the size is proportionate.

A new worksheet function also is available that allows all pertinent job information to be entered on a bar code. The laser machine can then be programmed to the correct settings for a specific job by scanning the bar code with a reader, saving time and ensuring consistency.

These add-on features make the Seit Performa 500 an even better choice for apparel decorators, trophy/awards shops and promotional products applications. Operating on 110V, the self-contained, water-cooled system can be positioned in almost any facility.

 It features galvanometric technology for ultraspeed processing, a 19.7-inch by 19.7-inch cutting area, 80 watts of power for maximum performance and a water-cooled system in a self-contained unit. It can be used for etching on wood, paper, aluminum, nontoxic polymers, Plexiglas®, leather and textiles, as well as for in-hoop cutting to speed appliqué production.  MORE INFO