InkSoft Offers Blog On Leadership, Culture And How They Power Your Shop

In a new InkSoft blog, industry veteran Marshall Atkinson challenges you to think of your apparel decorating company as a rocket ship and your shop as the engine, with the leadership and culture you have set powering it. He then delves into the formula for developing high-octane “fuel” for that engine.The blog discusses successful leadership traits and their role in creating a shop culture that fosters best practices and promotes accountability, teamwork, craftsmanship, communication and efficiency. Using real-life scenarios from sales to shipping, it illustrates the difference a change in shop culture can make.

You’ll see how “intentional leadership,” in the form of setting expectations, installing controls and communication mechanisms, empowering employees and setting an example can create a more effective fuel to boost your shop’s momentum. You’ll also have the opportunity to rate yourself on 14 leadership characteristics.

Check out “Fuel for the Engine – Leadership and Culture Powers Your Shop” at