Brother DTG Offers Cap Platen

Print on most styles of structured and unstructured caps using your Brother DTG digital direct-to-garment printer with the T-Lock Cap Platen. This easy-to-use platen system allows Brother DTG users

the ability to print on the front crown and most of the bill. It works on all models of GT printers including the GT-541, GT-782, the GT-3 series and GTX.

To use the T-Lock Cap Platen, you must have the T-Lock Platen base. If you already have the base, you only need to purchase the T-Lock Cap Insert. If you do not have the base, you may purchase the T-Lock Cap Platen Kit, which includes the platen base and T-Lock Cap Insert.

The T-Lock Cap Platen comes with two risers (one for structured and one for unstructured caps), a spacer and four black clips for securing the cap to the insert.

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