InkSoft Offers Top Embroidery Tips Podcast With Joyce Jagger

What’s it take to make it in embroidery today? A new episode of The BIG Idea Podcast by InkSoft explores the many facets of running a successful modern-day shop.

Join Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach, as she shares knowledge and experience gained from her 40-plus years in the industry.

Whether you’re an embroidery veteran or just starting out, you’ll benefit from this wide-ranging talk. Topics range from ways to keep improving your skills to determining and addressing your unique shop challenges.

Master-level tips cover everything from training to digitizing and dealing with performance and other specialty fabrics. Check out InkSoft’s “Embroidery Top Tips” podcast and discover ways to build and better your business.

On the second and fourth Thursday of each month, “The BIG Idea” shares stories and ideas from shop owners, industry experts and decorators for running a better, more profitable business. Take advantage of this direct line to a wealth of experience. View archived podcasts at