Transfer Express Offers New Video On Using the Easy View Image Editor Video

With its free Easy View online designer, a large library of clip art and layouts, and tons of educational how-to videos, Transfer Express makes you a pro at designing custom heat transfers for your customers.

One of the newest additions to its video learning center is called “Using The Easy View Image Editor.” This handy tool vectorizes your bitmapped artwork making it easier to size and add to your apparel mockup that you can then share with the customer.

It also will allow you to remove a background, delete areas you do not want printed, and adjust the number of colors in your design. The quality of your original image will determine how well it converts to vector. 

Some artwork may need more adjusting to catch small detail and smooth out lines. If the default settings do not create the quality level you need, try the high and max settings to improve the image. These settings create more pixels in your art, which provides more information for the vectorizer.

This step-by-step video walks you through the entire process making it easy to achieve the quality you need for your custom transfer design. To view, go to