The PAS Store Offers Allied Grid-Lock Embroidery Hoops

Allied Grid-Lock (AGL) Plastic Tubular Hoops, offered by The PAS Store, are designed to help save time and money with patented features for quick, accurate alignment and reduced rejects. They offer an efficient alternative to the time-consuming process of creating separate distance

markings on each garment and/or setting up hooping tables for every new item.

Horizontal and vertical grid lines on the top face of the hoop arms are a ready guide for straight hooping of an article and make it easy to confirm that it is correctly positioned before sewing. Each line is one centimeter away from the lines adjoining it and can be identified by a letter or number.

The lines serve as an instant distancing guide, facilitating consistent, precise embroidery placement by enabling alignment of the chosen hoop line with a reference point on the garment. Dot marks on the dial face of the AGL frames provide another time-saving alignment guide during hooping, without requiring markings on the article being sewn.

All AGL frames also have single and double vertical lines on the circumference of the inner hoop. This offers another easy-to-use tool for accurate alignment and correct positioning on a patterned item and can be used as an instant distancing guide on rectangular frames.

Other features include “double height” full or partial inner frames on some AGL hoop models to provide added strength, extended hoop life and increased surface area for tighter gripping. The hoops are made of a proprietary plastic composition offering flexibility and sturdiness and have a nonslip surface texture to support consistent tension.

Allied Grid-Lock hoops come in six round sizes from 7 cm to 21 cm and six rectangular sizes from 14 cm by 15 cm to 30 cm by 30 cm. Most frame sizes are available in different versions engineered to fit various popular brands of tubular embroidery machines.