Stahls’ TV Offers How to Heat Press Heat Sensitive Apparel Video

Making the most of the continuing explosion in demand for soft, lightweight garments in the custom apparel industry requires understanding their special properties and impact on the decorating process. In a new video of a recent live webinar, Stahls’ TV educator Courtney Kubitza provides an introduction to tri-blends and other heat-sensitive fabrics.You’ll learn how blends of cotton, rayon, viscose rayon and/or polyester are affected by heat and three principles that are key to successfully decorating them with transfers. Topics include choosing the correct transfer for the fabric; dealing with application-specific issues posed by garment design; and time, temperature and pressure considerations.

You’ll see firsthand how to modify art, printing and application techniques for tri-blends, polyester/viscose rayon, rayon/spandex, new 100 percent “cotton-feel” poly blends and more and get tips on helpful products and accessories. You’ll also find out how to avoid common problems like scorch marks and “glossing” at seams, as well as how to achieve trendy special effect finishes. And most important, you will see how these solutions retain the garment’s soft hand and drape

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