Stahls’ TV Offers 10 Ways To Maximize Holiday Sales Video

A video from Stahls’ TV presents 10 ideas for boosting sales during the holiday season and increasing profit opportunities throughout the year. It showcases a variety of product options and looks that can be created using CAD-CUT® materials, screen printed transfers and a heat press.

You’ll be inspired by examples of customized out-of-the-ordinary items that can open the door to new sales and make your company stand out. And you’ll discover how personalizing useful, everyday items increases value and appeal.

Besides exploring the profit potential in outside-the-box tech and home décor accessories, the video offers fresh approaches to classics like apparel. From easy special effects and multimedia prints to new takes on design standbys, you’ll see how to broaden your offerings and take decorating to the next level for the holidays and beyond.

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