Stahls’ SimStitch® Now Available With Pre-Alignment For Easier Positioning

Now, getting the look of appliqué without sewing is faster and easier than ever with pre-aligned Stahls’ SimStitch® heat-applied Perma-TWILL® designs. The adhesive-backed, one or two-layer poly twill graphics with laser-etched simulated stitches give the appearance of a zig-zag stitch but are applied using a heat press.SimStitch templates with multiple elements and intricate designs and custom-cut layouts also now come pre-aligned on a mask. This allows for fast, single placement and application without manual layout, further boosting time savings, productivity and quality.

Simply choose a template. Then select a script or block font and up to three colors from the 18 available. Less-stable designs will come to you pre-aligned. Or use Custom Cut SimStitch®, Any Word. Any Way.™ SimStitch®, and Any Word. Any Way.™ Sublimated SimStitch® to create a custom, pre-aligned sewn look for athletic and other types of garments, without the cost of embroidery.

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