Stahls’ Offers Get This Look: Fanwear Accessories Video

Discover how to expand your fanwear offerings and profit opportunities by creating personalized team-themed accessories in a step-by-step instructional video from Stahls’. The recent addition in the “Get This Look” series shows

how to decorate a cap and cell phone case with unique fan appeal. See how to do it with your vinyl cutter, cap press and CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake and CAD-CUT® pressure-sensitive sign vinyl.

The video provides start-to-finish directions for heat printing the front and brim of a SanMar District® Distressed Cap DT600 and applying sign vinyl to a cell phone case. It includes a complete materials and equipment list, as well as tips from the Stahls’ design team for achieving winning results.

View the Stahls’ blog post “Get This Look: Fanwear Accessories” to watch the video and download a pdf of step-by-step instructions at .