Screen Print with IKONART

New film for Paint Filling

Ikonart films allow you to customize and paint fill just about any surface, including fabric, acrylic, glass, ceramic, wood, clay, metal, chalkboards, and more. Seamlessly incorporate Ikonart into your sandcarving business by utilizing your existing exposure unit and existing artwork print setup for an easy entry point into the world of screen printing.

The Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit (sold separately at and Ikonart Stencil Films allow you to turn your own custom designs into reusable silkscreen stencils that can be used for screen printing, glass etching, wood burning and more. Ikonart Stencil Film and Ikonart Textile Film is the perfect addition to your sandcarving shop to help you expand your personalized product line. Check out the Ikonart Project Gallery to see more ways that Ikonart can be used.

NOTE: If you already have an exposure unit, such as a Letralite or QuickImage Unit, that you are using to expose your IKONICS Imaging Sandcarving Films, you can use that same exposure unit to expose the Ikonart Stencil Films, with no purchase of Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit nessesary. 

What Is Ikonart?

Ikonart is a line of products and stencil films designed to make DIY screen printing easier than ever. Our stencil films are pre-coated with emulsion and have a mesh embedded in the film which holds all the fine details in place (no weeding vinyl!).