Reduce Weeding Time with the EZ Weeding Table™

Manufactured by Hotronix®, the EZ Weeding Table ™ decreases the time-consuming task of weeding designs produced with heat transfer vinyl. Customers have discovered the EZ Weeding Table helps reduce their labor by at least 60 percent overall and by as much as 80 percent on extremely detailed designs.The bond between a heat transfer material and the carrier lessens when heated. The Hotronix patented EZ Weeding Table heats materials and keeps them at a consistent and dedicated temperature to promote removal from the carrier, resulting in easier weeding with less material breakage.

The EZ Weeding Table provides a dedicated 20- by 36-inch heated work area that accommodates up to a full yard of material.  Users can select one of three temperature settings (110/120/130°) for finely detailed and maximum production jobs. The control panel indicates when the desired temperature is met.

No details are overlooked on the EZ Weeding Table; Hotronix incorporated a top clamp to hold materials in place and a tool holder to keep an EZ Weeder™ handy at all times. Other features include:

  • Four incline settings
  • Rounded edges for operator comfort
  • Built-in storage compartment

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