The PAS Store Offers Mighty Hoop Starter Kit

The Mighty Hoop Starter Kit, available from The PAS Store, has everything you need to bring the ease, speed, consistency and other benefits of magnetic hooping to your embroidery machine. Designed for customers who don’t already have a HoopMaster System, the kit includes a station, 5.5-inch fixture and freestyle arm, freestyle base, T-square and 5.5-inch strong, magnetic Mighty Hoop.

Used with the Mighty Hoop, the components make the hooping process simple, quick and accurate by aiding in aligning and applying the hoop. You’ll be able to enjoy the automatic thickness adjustment along with reduced hoop burn and arm and wrist stress offered by Mighty Hoops’ patented features, while enhancing your sewing capabilities and increasing your versatility.

The Mighty Hoop Starter Kit is available for a variety of widely used embroidery machines.

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