The PAS Store Offers Mighty Hoop 11-Inch By 13-Inch Jacket Size

Bring the ease of magnetic hooping to jacket embroidery with the 11-inch by 13-inch Mighty Hoop (MHBQ5201113), available from The PAS Store. The outer ring of the hoop holds the garment with magnetic force, automatically adjusting for different thicknesses.

Little pressure is required to apply the hoop, and the way the fabric is held helps safeguard against “hoop burn.” Mighty Hoops are designed to work with the HoopMaster for easy, accurate hooping.

The jacket hoop’s inside dimension is 10 ¾ inches by 12 ¾ inches with the sewing area varying by machine. It can be used with Barudan, as well as other major brands.  MORE INFO