MHM Offers X-Type Plus Compact High Speed Automatic Textile Press

1116hirsch-mhm-x-type-plusThe MHM X-Type Plus offered by Hirsch Solutions of Huntersville, NC, is engineered for high-volume screen printers who need production speed, faster setup times and reliability. With an overall diameter of just more than 12 feet (370 cm) (six color model), it has many of the features of the larger MHM machines in a smaller footprint.

The AC-driven indexer, which is an electrical drive system that moves the pallets enables you to select to index in either direction and has a fast, smooth operation. AC-frequency drive print heads ensure smooth print strokes at all speeds and pressure settings resulting in consistent quality. It also is compatible with MHM’s preregistration pin system and optional accessories.

The M-Touch pro operating system uses an Android tablet interface making it intuitive and user friendly. Operators have access to real-time technical support via the built-in Wi-Fi connection. Each station has its own keypad for making fast adjustments during setup.

It comes in six,- eight, 10-, and 12-color models. The standard model has a 16” x 20” printing area. There is an LS version that has an 18” x 22” print area. MORE INFO