2020-01 Introduction to Dockers

Introduction to Dockers – Review and Update

Currently, in CorelDRAW 2018 and 2019, there are three dockers that are opened in the default workspace. They include the Hints docker, Object Properties, and the Object Manager in 2018.

In 2019 Corel shortened the name of the Object Properties docker to Properties. They also shortened the name of the Object Manager to Objects See picture 1, the default workspace in 2019.

Notice that each docker is identified, and accessed, by a tab along the right side of the screen. That said, it is still necessary to open any of the other dockers you wish to use.

Dockers available in CorelDRAW 2018

In CorelDRAW version 2018 there are 44 Dockers that are available. In this series of articles, we are providing a brief overview of each Docker’s purpose.
The Dockers we covered in the November 2018 article, along with any changes for 2019 include:

  • Object Properties ——– Name changed to Properties.
  • Object Manager ———- Name changed to Objects and two additional options added:
    • Show Object Properties – with this option checked the outline and fill characteristics are shown for the object.
    • Show Master Layers on Pages – in past versions of CorelDRAW master layers are displayed on all pages.
  • Object Data Manager —- Name changed to Object Data.
  • Object Styles ————– No changes.
  • Object Coordinates ——- Name changed to Coordinates.
  • Symbol Manager ——— Name changed to Symbols

The Dockers we covered in December 2018 along with any changes, include:

  • Alignment and Dynamic Guides —– Name changed to Live Guides.
  • Guidelines —– No changes.
  • Transformations – No changes for 2019

CDR 2018 Dockers we covered in January 2019, include:

  1. Align and Distribute – This Docker contains 25 command icons.2.
  2. Fit Objects to Path – The Fit Objects to Path feature lets you fit any type and number of objects to a path of your choice. Smart distribution and rotation settings help you customize the placement of objects on the path.
  3. Step and Repeat – The Step and Repeat Docker allows users to easily create arrays. With the Docker you can set an offset distance or spacing between copies.
  4. Shaping – The Shaping Docker is another one that has several variations.
  5. Fillet / Scallop / Chamfer – this Docker is very useful for creating blank plaque plates. It can be used on any object that has corners; squares, rectangles, stars, etc.
  6. Join Curves – Join Curves is a very useful tool for preparing customer- supplied artwork for inhouse processes.

Outside of name changes and how individual dockers are displayed, the only docker that was changed is the Objects Docker, the old Object Manager.


In short, the Workspace is the area you’ll be working in to create or modify layouts. As with most things in CorelDRAW, the Workspace is customizable to suit your needs.  Dockers are an important addition to the workspace. They offer timesaving controls to the workflow.

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