Introducing DR. Dye Sub An Animated Character Designed to Answer Sublimation Questions in an Easy-to-Understand Way!

InkjetBiz is pleased to announce that the esteemed Dr. Dye Sub is now part of the company with the goal of providing information about dye sublimation in an easy-to-understand format.

Dr. Dye Sub will address questions that users might have about what equipment is recommended for sublimation, the process of sublimating products, and the business of sublimation.

Dr. Dye Sub is an animated character developed by the sales and marketing team at InkJetBiz, and of course, Dye Sub University and Magna Cum Sublimate are provided as a bit of levity. The questions that have been addressed initially are questions that have been sent to the team at InkJetBiz in the past. Questions and answers are continually updated and are located on the InkJetBiz website, YouTube account and other social media platforms

Should you wish to send a question to Dr. Dye Sub, please forward it to for consideration.