Inspiration And Information Now Available In ASI’s Just-Launched Idea Center In ESP

The Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI) today announced the launch of the new Idea Center in ESP®, the industry’s number-one business platform, where distributors can find inspiration for promotions or events and

browse a trove of stories, tips and strategies from ASI’s award-winning editorial team.

Located on ESP’s main toolbar, the Idea Center is easily accessible as a page where distributors can browse articles, popular search terms and short videos to help find the perfect product for clients. The Idea Center will be refreshed quarterly and updated with new markets to target.

Register for a short webinar on ESP’s Idea Center, taking place Wednesday, November 13, from 2-3 p.m. ET.

“In ASI’s brand-new Idea Center, distributors can discover a diverse array of easy-to-read content on the latest product trends along with ways to tap into new markets right in ESP,” said Bob DeFord, ASI’s senior vice president of distributor sales and marketing. “If you’re struggling to find new product or campaign ideas and need a jolt of inspiration, help is available at the click of a mouse.”

Here’s how the Idea Center works:

  • Within the Idea Center home page, there are two main sections: Events and Industries. Both sections provide a broad selection of topics. Clicking on a topic thumbnail opens the information page.
  • On the information page, click on the topic video to learn more about the topic selected or narrow your search by clicking on a subcategory. The articles, search terms and videos will load relevant content. Click on the subcategory again to stop filtering by the subcategory.
  • Click on an article written by a member of ASI’s award-winning editorial team to read it in ESP. Popular search terms launch an ESP product search and clicking on a video plays it in a pop-up window.

Each event and industry in the Idea Center comes with an overview video where stats from ASI magazine stories are used to illustrate a broad summary of the topic.

“Let’s say distributors are searching for unique sporting event items,” said DeFord. “They can visit the Idea Center to find trend stories on subjects like women’s World Cup branded merchandise, promo markets to target and branded items popular during the Winter Olympics.”