InkSoft Unveils Major New Releases Through Four Weekly Video Updates

1116inksoft-new-webstores-managementFor the past several months, InkSoft of Albuquerque, NM, has been busy reviewing its online store software with an eye to improving and streamlining the way InkSoft users and their clients interact with the platform. The goal is to make it easier and more efficient to set up an online business as well as move buyers through the sales process. Improvements have been made in four key areas.

Details will be released on a weekly basis via videos with the first one on new store creation already out. One example of an enhancement of the webstore software is users will soon have the capability to sit down with a high school coach and, on a phone or a tablet, create a relevant design using either sports gear or mascots in team colors.

Week two’s video will be released Wednesday, Nov. 23 on new webstore management tools. Week three, posted Wednesday, Nov. 30, will feature a new shopping cart; and week four, posted Wednesday, Dec. 7, will focus on a new checkout system.

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