InkSoft Offers Second Grow Marketing Guide On Achieving Faster Turnaround

616InkSoft Grow 2 Faster TurnaroundInkSoft recently released its second installment of “GROW: Marketing Ideas for Modern Print Shops.” This month’s guide is entitled “Strategies For Faster Turnaround.”  Today’s customers have been trained to expect products in two days or less and do not care whether the product is a book or a custom-decorated T-shirt. By increasing your ability to respond, you can set your company apart.Learn how to evaluate the bottlenecks in your business that are slowing down your production and delaying delivery. By making it a team effort, you can identify and address areas within your shop and implement change to improve the process.

Part of this effort includes automating as many of your processes as you can to increase speed and lessen mistakes. The article includes tips about stocking best-selling blanks and choosing the fastest decoration methods that fit the job.

This informative handbook is completely free and can be downloaded at While you’re there, you also can check out the first installment on how to capture summer camp business.  MORE INFO