InkSoft Offers New Blog On Figuring Out What Customers Really Need

Do you sometimes struggle with trying to determine what exactly your customers want from you? In a recent blog by Jeremy Pickins, creative director/CEO of Colorado-based apparel design firm AMB3R Creative, he explains why selling solutions rather than products is far more lucrative in the long term.

He explains why a low-cost product may not produce the results a client is hoping to achieve, and if it does not solve the problem, will result in dissatisfaction. He offers questions every decorator should be asking to get to the heart of a client’s issues as well as discussing metrics you should be measuring such as cost per impression.

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As a verified InkSoft author, Pickins will be offering tips and tricks each month, so stayed tuned for more valuable content that will help grow your business. InkSoft is a software company focusing on the next generation of sales and production software for decorators. It brings together sales, marketing, ordering and production management into one platform.