InkSoft Offers Green Thinking Means Money Blog

A new InkSoft blog by Marshall Atkinson explores running your garment decoration business in a more eco-friendly manner from a “dollars-and-sense” standpoint. He discusses the balance of sustainability and price with respect to marketability and how to build a “green” approach to decorating that allows products to be competitive. You will learn how green thinking can add thousands to your bottom line.Atkinson reveals the growing array of eco-conscious garment choices that are being combined with sustainable decorating processes in successful, full-spectrum operations. To get you started, the blog lists dozens of easy-to-implement ideas for improving your shop’s environmental performance while cutting spending.

You’ll discover options for reducing the cost and environmental impact of energy usage and a new approach to evaluating production choices and purchases. There also is a primer on the “Three R’s” of sustainability as they relate to an apparel decorating operation. Also included are points to ponder, suggestions, solutions and links to valuable resources.

You’ll even get the low-down on how to turn your green business into greenbacks with meaningful marketing. Check out “Green Thinking Means Money” at    MORE INFO