InkSoft Offers Free Social Media Referral Marketing Kit

Social media referral marketing is a technique that uses your existing customers and audience to fuel your promotional power by clients’ sharing positive experiences about your brand with their friends and networks.

In a recent InkSoft blog sponsored by S&S Activewear entitled “Unlock The Strategy: Social Media Referral Marketing,” this technique is explained with detailed information on how to implement it.

You will learn:

How to motivate your customers to share, which platform(s) they will use, and

what they will share (i.e., short product reviews, longer testimonials, etc.).

Included are S&S Activewear’s top five trending styles you might use to generate excitement and interest on your page.

Making this strategy easy for beginners is a free social media referral marketing kit. It includes copy to email to your customers and captions to continue the promotion.

By registering at, you’ll also be notified of updates and additions to this kit, and receive notice when new kits become available.

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