InkSoft Adds Slideshow, Password Protection To Online Stores Features

InkSoft has released two new enhancements available to stores built on its new Online Stores platform. The new image slider lets you add a slide presentation to your store to reinforce branding; highlight events, promotions and announcements; link to sale items; and call attention to key messages.All you have to do is go to the Component Library in the store’s Edit Mode and follow the prompts to post unlimited slides with HTML text overlays that can be edited on the fly and displayed professionally on any device.

A second update allows you to password protection a store, which is ideal for customers who need privacy or want to restrict access to their InkSoft-powered online store. This feature can easily be added by selecting the private setting and assigning a six-character password.

This can be done either during store creation or by using the Edit Mode as an admin in the case of an existing store. The private setting will display a branded screen and require entering the selected password before granting access to the site.

To learn more about Slideshow and see an introductory video, go to  MORE INFO