Imprintables Warehouse Offers Clipper 24” Vinyl Cutter Applications Video

1115Imprintables Clipper 3 Ways VideoA new video from Imprintables Warehouse showcases the versatility of the Clipper 24” vinyl cutter with a step-by-step demonstration of three applications using the same piece of artwork. You’ll see how to create a T-shirt transfer, a window decal, and a wall graphic using CADworksLive® online design software, VectorCUT®, and the Clipper 24”.The three tutorials take you from sizing and positioning the artwork for the job through cutting, weeding, masking, and application. You’ll learn the simple adjustments needed for each type of setup, as well as ways to tailor a piece of art for maximum impact in a specific application.

There also are tips and tricks for streamlining the process and optimizing results. To see the video, go to

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