Hotronix® Innovation Offered in the Fusion™ Heat Press

The Hotronix® Fusion™ , offered by Hotronix of Carmichaels, PA, is the industry’s first heat press with a patented dual function, so you can get the benefits of both a swinger and draw-style heat press with a heat-free workspace. Threadability™ allows for garments to be easily loaded onto the lower platen, so you can increase production speed. Print the front, back, and sides of a garment without ever removing it from the lower platen. Saving steps saves time. The Fusion comes standard with a 16” x 20” platen, but you can print even more with eight optional Quick Change Platens.

The Fusion’s touch screen technology shows a digital readout of time, temperature, and pressure; no more guesswork. The touch screen also allows you to program an unlimited number of application settings, count production cycles, and turn your press on and off automatically – in English, Spanish, or your choice of six other languages. Preset individual time settings for two-step applications or for preheating and application with the dual timer.