Hirsch Offers Sumo Jumbo Singlehead For Oversize Applications

716Hirsch Sumo TWMX 1501The Tajima Sumo TWMX-C1501 Jumbo singlehead embroidery machine, offered by Hirsch of Huntersville, NC, , is designed for more efficiently embroidering oversize apparel such as team jerseys for hockey, football and baseball. It’s also ideal for blankets, banners, table runners, flags and similar nonwearable items.  

 While doing oversize jobs with a standard machine often requires multiple hoopings, the Sumo speeds production with its 22 ¾- x 23 ½-inch sewing area. With the popularity of “to-the-edge” designs, you now have more freedom to do larger designs and more unique placements that are still production friendly.

It has a full-color 6.5-inch LCD screen that shows the design and location of the needle at any point in the sewing process. Standard machine memory is 2 million stitches and up to 200 designs can be saved.

The Sumo is barcoded and LAN enabled for plug-and-play connectivity allowing the user to send designs directly to the machine.

It comes with a heavy-duty stand built to withstand more weight and offer greater stability, which may be needed with larger substrates. It also has a table to allow for use with a border frame sash, which makes it practical to do products such as team banners, flags, etc. The Sumo also has an option to go to an even larger border frame sash and extension table with a deeper embroidery area.  MORE INFO