Hirsch Offers New Seit Performa 500 Accessories for Cylindrical Objects and Pens

Two new optional accessories are now available from Hirsch Solutions of Huntersville, NC, to expand the capabilities of the Seit Performa 500 standalone laser. A rotating spindle attachment makes it easier to engrave cylindrical objects such as mugs and bottles, as well as conical shapes.And a T-slot bench attachment with a grooved surface makes positioning objects like pens for etching faster and more accurate. Both are offered as separate items and are not included with the Performa.

These recently introduced options further enhance the versatility of the high-performance laser. Featuring galvanometic technology for ultraspeed processing and a 19.7-inch by 19.7-inch cutting area, the Performa 500 boasts standard applications including etching on wood, paper, aluminum, nontoxic polymers, Plexiglas®, leather and textiles.

It also can be used for in-hoop cutting to speed appliqué production. Offering 80 watts of power for maximum performance and a water-cooled system in a self-contained unit, the Performa 500 is ideal for apparel decorators, trophy and award shops and promotional products applications.  MORE INFO