Hirsch Offers Brother GTX DTG Printer Video

If you’re looking for high resolution at production-level speed, with less downtime, check out a new video that introduces the Brother GTX DTG printer, available from Hirsch Solutions. You’ll see what makes the GTX truly a next-generation printer as you get a look at its innovative features in action.

Find out about the unit’s single-pass technology that enables it to print a 10-inch by 12-inch image on a dark garment at 1200 dpi in approximately 1 ½ minutes. And learn how the GTX’s white ink circulation system and wet capping stations help reduce clogging and eliminate downtime for weekly tube cleaning.

From shirts and caps to socks and coasters, you’ll get a quick look at the possibilities of DTG for your shop with Brother’s latest offering. View the video at http://hsi.la/brothergtxvideo