Help Your Local Businesses With InkSoft Fundraising Capabilities

If your shop has an online designer and the ability to set up web stores, you have a way to help local businesses in your area set up fundraisers that can help keep them afloat during the pandemic.

A customer success story, recently published by InkSoft, talks about Sunday Cool, a faith-based screen printing operation in Tavares, Fla., who is using their resources to create fundraisers for others.

Prior to the virus, this shop had 59 employees. In order to stay open, it was forced to lay off 19 and asked remaining staff to temporarily take a 50% pay cut. But its recent activities have allowed the shop to sustain those they kept and keep some money coming in through the doors. 

It launched a #SupportLocal campaign that is available to any business. Sunday Cool works with the company to create and design a shirt and set up a free webstore. A percentage of the sale of these T-shirts goes to the company.