GSG Offers CRC SmartWasher® 28

615GSG SmartWasher 28The CRC SmartWasher® 28 is a safe, nontoxic alternative to conventional petroleum-based solvent parts washers for cleaning squeegees, flood bars, and other screen printing tools. The self-contained and self-cleaning system provides effective cleaning, while generating no hazardous waste and promoting increased user health and safety. It can be used on all types of metal parts and will not damage rubber or plastic components.The SmartWasher system uses the process of bioremediation to break down organic compounds like plastisol ink and emulsions. Microbes suspended in fluid that recirculates through the unit convert refuse into harmless, water and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The solution remains clean and usable, unlike in traditional solvent-based systems, where it becomes dirty and less effective over time. Disposal is a nonissue, as hazardous waste streams are eliminated.

The process is nonhazardous, noncaustic and nonflammable. It contains no Class I or II ozone-depleting chemicals or VOCs and does away with the need for regulatory paperwork. When used as a system, SmartWasher® 28 meets requirements for a Clean Air Solvent Certificate from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

SmartWasher 28 consists of a sturdy, impact-resistant washing unit with a flexible nozzle and brush and special microbe-impregnated filters that work in conjunction with the cleaning fluid. The system has a 28-inch-wide sink and a front-mounted electronic control panel with a convenient knee switch. There are no costly service contracts, and filters are user-changeable without tools.

The SmartWasher also is available in a smaller 23-inch model. To learn more,

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