Digital Art Solutions Offers Free Classes In November

Add new skills and sharpen existing ones with classes being offered in November by Digital Art Solutions as part of its free weekly Graphics Academy series.

If you miss a live webcast, you can view archived versions at

Upcoming classes include:

Business Opportunities for Decorated Apparel in the Current Marketplace

Friday, Oct. 30

3 p.m. EDT

Learn how to use technology to reach decision-makers, identify products in demand, leverage graphics to grow your business, and use e-commerce and personalized stores to produce a revenue stream.

Smart Designer Pro 2020: New User Orientation

Monday, Nov. 2

3 p.m. EDT

Learn the basics of the new Smart Designer Pro 2020. This includes editing templates, working with virtual samples, creating sales proposals, and navigating through the installed art content. Also covered is the new Graphics Browser with integrated keyword search for templates and clipart. 

Maximizing Sales Opportunities Using a DTG Printer 

Friday, Nov. 6

3 p.m. EDT

With a DTG printer, you don’t need a minimum order to make money. This means small clients can order more frequently, thus increasing revenue. Guest speaker Chuck Northcut, Ricoh USA, discusses how to do print-on-demand small production runs using a DTG printer.

Graphics Focus: Converting Vector Artwork into High-Profit Appliqué

Monday, Nov. 9

3 p.m. EDT

Appliqué is a popular embroidery technique with high-profit margins. This class explores techniques for converting vector graphics into production-ready appliqué sew files. No understanding of digitizing is required.

Generate Revenue with White Toner Laser Transfers 

Friday, Nov. 13

3 p.m. EDT

Join guest speaker Doug Dewitt from Conde Systems as he outlines a strategy for growing your business with white toner laser printer technology.

Maximizing Visual Value with Dynamic Effects

Monday, Nov. 16

3 p.m. EDT

All things considered equal, the company with the best graphics wins. This class outlines a set of design skills that add visual value to your graphics at the level of the top retail brands.

The Ins and Outs of Outsourcing Custom Masks

Friday, Nov. 20

3 p.m. EDT

Kevin Gressley, Sew Cal Masks, Los Angeles, shares proven strategies for outsourcing custom mask production. Learn how you can supply the artwork and have a supplier produce and drop ship the masks. 

Creating a Streamlined Design Workflow Across Multiple Processes

Monday, Nov. 23

3 p.m. EDT

Each production process has a unique set of requirements. Learn how to create designs that can be used for multiple processes and maximize selling opportunities by offering complementary products across a design theme

Black Friday Special: Maximizing Holiday-Themed Sales

Friday, Nov. 27

3 p.m. EDT

Christmas and holiday-themed products are a big seasonal opportunity. Discover how to maximize holiday sales in this new selling environment. Bonus: Learn about Black Friday specials at the end of the class. 

Cyber Monday Special: Boost your Business with Customized Graphics

Monday, Nov. 30

3 p.m. EDT

Get a tour of Graphics Builder, a complete toolboxfordeveloping high-quality, one-of-a-kind graphics for your customers. Learn how to combine ready-made graphics with vector graphic elements, textures, and one-of-a-kind fonts to meet any need. Bonus: Learn about Cyber Monday sales at the end of the class.

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