Dalco Athletics Offers Dal-Crystal Peace & Love Transfers

Dalco Athletics makes it easy to add sparkle and uniqueness to spiritwear with its Peace & Love rhinestone transfers. This stock design series combines a peace sign, a heart, and a sport ball or school organization icon of your choice. The rhinestone images are arrayed horizontally to create a garment chest or back design or could be used on a tote bag, flag, or blanket.

Choose from a baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, dancer, megaphone, football, or lyre. Colors vary depending on the icon. The overall size of the transfer ranges from 2 ½ inches high up to 8 ¼ inches across depending on what is chosen.

Each transfer comes on a plastic carrier sheet for fast and easy application. The transfers can be adhered to cotton, polyester, or blends. The minimum order is five pieces and increments of five thereafter.

Dalco Athletic offers a full line of letters, numbers, appliqués, and software for decorating spiritwear and team uniforms. It also can custom cut any shape or design in appliqué materials. MORE INFO