Cotswold Offers Press & Wash Hoopless Stabilizer

615Cotswold Press N Wash front - Cropped 2mbPress & Wash, offered by Cotswold Industries of New York, NY, is a fibrous water-soluble stabilizer that is specifically designed for embroidery applications where you do not want any remnants to be visible. It is ideal for making freestanding lace and appliqués as well as embroidering on items such as towels, linens, blankets, fabric scarves, or napkins where both sides of the product are visible.

Press & Wash works better than films because its fibers wrap around the fabric’s threads to provide firm, long-lasting support. The entire product does not completely dissolve as a film does, yet it is not visible. It not only supports the embroidery against wear and tear but improves registration. Excess stabilizer rinses away easily and cleanly with no messy residue.

Press & Wash supports freestanding lace with only one layer, and it is ideal for delicate fabrics such as silk and organza. Because of its pressure-adhesive backing, it also is designed to work in hoopless applications. It can be used for baby socks, ties, straps, or anything that cannot be hooped in a traditional manner. The more often the stabilizer is washed, the softer it gets so if a stiffer support is desired, it can be washed less often or less vigorously and more support will remain.  MORE INFO