Condé Introduces Sublimatable Poly Linen Garden Flags

Condé Systems expands its line of poly linen products to include two sizes of garden flags. The new 12″x18″ and 10.5″x15″ garden flags with double ply fabric (for two-sided flag designs), are a unique way to add a family name,

monogram, holiday greeting or patriotic message to any lawn, garden or entryway.

Made of sturdy 95% polyester/5% cotton, the new poly linen garden flags combine the rustic appeal of natural colored linen with the full-color imaging capabilities of dye-sub transfer.

Using standard sublimation equipment, digital decorators can transfer vintage inspired images onto the products to create a classic, relaxed look or transfer dramatic, full-color images to produce a modern eclectic feel that is unique and unexpected.

The new garden flags and decorative accessories join Conde’s incredibly successful line of poly linen items that include tote bags, aprons, Christmas stockings, coasters, placemats, and drawstring backpacks.

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