ColDesi Announces a New Resource for Apparel Decorators – Custom Apparel Startups Podcast

ColDesi LogoColDesi, Inc. and Colman and Company, industry leaders in apparel decorating and custom t- shirt equipment and supplies, have announced a new resource for its customers and the general public – Custom Apparel Startups Podcast.     CAS  is not just a general business podcast, it’s designed specifically to provide real, worthwhile information to people that are running or managing, or starting an apparel decorating business,” stated Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDesi. ColDesi sells commercial embroidery machines, direct to garment printers, and “bling” machines that serve as the basis for thousands of custom t-shirt businesses around the globe. Most of the visitors to one of their 6 websites are entrepreneurs that are either interested in starting a business or in expanding an existing one.

Marc Vila, Director of Business Development for Colman and Company, commented that “Small business entrepreneurs, homemakers, people interested in changing their lives by starting a business; these are all people we talk to every day. The idea to do Custom Apparel Startups Podcast came from conversations with them. It’s about what they need to know to be more successful, problems they’re having, and issues that plague business owners everywhere.”

ColDesi is already known in the industry for its wel- educated sales staff and willingness to share its expertise. Marc Vila, for example, has had several article published in trade magazines and the company has put more than 520 videos on YouTube for the general public.

According to Mark Stephenson, many of the questions asked when starting an apparel decorating business are repeated during almost every conversation:

Do I need a website? Should I sell online? Where can I find good artwork for custom t-shirts? Is a retail store a good idea? Should I use Facebook? How do I price my shirts? Is a single-head embroidery machine enough to get started with?

Many of these questions are already answered in the first 6 podcasts which are archived.

Industry interviews for CASPodcast already include Carly Hollman-Long from NBM and Jennifer Cox from NNEP.  MORE INFO