Brother Offers DTG GT Shoe Platens

Expand your DTG capabilities with the Brother GT Shoe Platen that lets you print footwear made of canvas and other compatible fabrics. With a mount featuring a specific pin setup, the Shoe Platen is designed exclusively to the Brother GTX, GT-541, GT-782 and GT-3 platens.

Shoe Platen Kits are available in basic and complete versions. Both feature flat polycarbonate inserts in three sizes to make it possible to print on most styles of footwear.

The shoe platens also come with a clear plastic Alignment Jig to aid in lining up artwork in the graphic software program. The black square block on the bottom of the jig fits into a square hole in the platen insert, directly above the large pin on the mount for template-free alignment.

The Basic Shoe Platen Kit comes without a Mounting Kit for users with a Touchdown Platen. The Complete Platen Kit includes one Mounting Kit. Additional Mounting Kits can be purchased with the initial order or later.

Footwear to be printed should be made of fabric that allows for the absorption of water-based ink and be untreated to avoid affecting the washability and durability of the print. Print- and wash-testing are recommended prior to production.  MORE INFO