Brother DTG Offers New Shoulder Insert Video

In a video recently added to Brother DTG’s Vimeo page, you can see how easy it is to print on a wide range of substrates without sacrificing productivity trying to get the product to lay flat on a platen

The new video entitled, “Have you tried the shoulder platen insert on GTX?” provides a demonstration of how a shirt is loaded onto the specialty platen as well as the printing process as it happens.

With the shoulder insert platen, you can print across the shoulder on the left or right side of the shirt including over the sleeve seam and onto the sleeve. It allows you to be creative in your placement of graphics, whether you do it on the front or the back of the shirt. With the platen, it’s as easy as loading and unloading a shirt on a traditional platen.

Go to to see for yourself how this platen is used and start getting creative. You may even want to share the video on your business page to allow customers to see what is possible.